12 Ways the KonMari Method Changes Your Behavior

This is part 2 of a 3-part series on the KonMari Method published on Scribing Fingers.

Completing tidying marathons and "kondoing" your house, apartment, or room can be a huge adjustment, not only mentally but physically. Kondoers often speak about their heightened sense of confidence, awareness, purpose, and decision-making following this process. So many people have found their passions and purpose because they're now operating in an environment that is created for them to thrive–not to worry, despair or hide behind clutter.

Everything is much clearer when you've kondoed.

In my case, I am about two months out from my transformation, proud to say I have not relapsed and that tidying no longer feels like a terrible chore. Because it's important to make things easier to put away, I don't feel like it's a huge obstacle to put things back when I'm done. So when I pull out items to work on things at my desk or anywhere else, it doesn't stay scattered for long.

I broke down a list of 12 major ways I've seen my behavior change since KonMari.

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I take the tags off my clothes now

I dust

I don't buy pointless things

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I actually fold my clothes

I use my products before "stocking up"

I keep my technology tidier

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I use the "nice" things

I toss receipts and shopping lists

I handle my business

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I read my magazines

I empty my coat and purse

I lose things less frequently

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