Strawman? I never argued that the allegations weren’t taken seriously or heard. I’m arguing that the legitimacy of someone’s assault does not depend on whether there’s enough evidence or whether or not they placed themselves in a vulnerable situation. So my statement stands: women tell their stories and people do not see predators, or even wrongdoers, they see questions, as you’re bringing up here.

An allegation should not be used for political aim and Dr. Ford made it clear she wasn’t there for political means. Being on the Supreme Court shouldn’t be for political aim either, but arguably, that wasn’t the case here.

The point of this article is that assault is real regardless of how convincing the story or circumstance is. There may not be enough evidence to hold up in court–I understand that. But a person’s experience should not be reduced to how credible we think it is. My question to you would be what does a victim need to produce to be believed? And how should one go about proving their assault? I would like to hear some examples.

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