You have missed my entire point. I didn’t say people in blackface hated black people. A costume is not skin color. Period. That’s why people of color DRESS UP like Caucasians all the time, and don’t paint their faces white. We could very well do that, but we don’t, and guess what? People still know who we’re dressing up as.

Now you just said, “because ‘blackface’ to you seems to be something very very different.” What else could it be? Please tell me. When did the meaning shift and change? When did it become okay to start doing something similar to “really horrible” things again because we “mean well” by it? I mean, you can’t be serious right now. Where is the regard for history? Are you literally telling me you don’t see how blackface is offensive?

You should ask yourself why it’s so important to paint yourself black.

Writer | Multimedia Artist

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